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Construction quality depends on effective communication...

The last decades have seen a significant growth in the number of development projects involving partnerships between Israeli and foreign firms.

This growth, both in quantity and complexity, brings with it need for effective communication among developers, designers, project managers and field personnel and the need for professional translation services capable of overcoming the limitations imposed by language, culture and distance.

* Construction, planning, development, transportation, civil engineering, environmental quality...

....and an understanding of development processes

Our translation services are based on both academic training and extensive experience in the fields of construction and planning in the United States and Israel.

Our clients are among the leading companies and public authorities in Israel and top international architectural and engineering firms from Israel, Europe and the US.

We have provided translation and editing services on many of the largest and most prestigious construction and infrastructure projects in Israel, and assist Israeli firms as they expand into new markets in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Tel Aviv-Jerusalem High-Speed Railway

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